Unison is a coordinated effort between eight Bay Area communities and crews who share similar values. We are also supported by the generosity and time from many artists and volunteers beyond these groups.

Friends and Family

The goal of Friends and Family is to create a real, meaningful, supportive, and fundamentally positive community through the shared practice of creating events that showcase the amazing musical and artistic talents of our members while also creating a staggeringly rich environment for guests at our events to experience it all.

The Ambient Mafia

The Ambient Mafia is a San Francisco-based DJ collective that specializes in downtempo or chill music. Back in 1999, a group of chill DJs decided to band together to represent the side of DJ culture that was more interested in creating a cool atmosphere. The Mafia mission is to give people music that makes them think and dance and…chill.

3 Degrees

A longstanding music and dance community based in the Bay Area, Costa Rica, Reno, Tahoe, and beyond.

Stream Equinox

Born out of the early days of quarantine and pioneering the livestream experience, Stream Equinox is a semi-regular Friday livestream featuring DJs from the Bay Area and beyond.

Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys are a San Francisco-based collective that began its exploration of the cosmos over a decade ago as a diverse group of talented individuals who came together in pursuit of creating unique entertainment events, mechanical contraptions, and unique art projects.


Contributors to the creation of gatherings and situations for beautiful people to meet and celebrate the beauty of life, love, music, dancing, and dirty, dirty beats.

Angels of bAss

All-female DJ collective with deliciously dirty beats.

Venus Groove Collective

Venus Groove Collective is an all female collaborative in the Bay Area with health and wellness in mind. We offer a space for women to express, to share, to experience, to let go, and to heal—together.